CARR Initiates Petition To Require Mandatory Liability Insurance for RCFEs

7 More Counties Now on CARR's Website

CARR now proudly offers consumers a number of facilities online that are outside of the San Diego regional area.  Our commitment to you, the informed consumer, has made this possible.  For every facility profile you are able to conveniently review on your personal computer or mobile device, we have dedicated approximately 6-8 hours behind the scenes collecting and transforming the public documents into the user-friendly display you see.

Please share these new additions within your network for the benefit of consumers living in these areas.  And do not forget, we also offer online all CAL Vet assisted living facilities.  

Today's Concern, Tomorrow's Reality: Make Sure CARR Continues

By now, we all know someone contending with the needs of an aging family member.  And while aging and dependency are not synonymous, there does come a point in time (be it brief or extended) where reliance on others will enter the picture.  Sound familiar:

“I am worried about my aging mother continuing to live alone.  Her memory-loss is becoming more apparent.  Her ability to drive herself to the store and appointments is diminishing.  Her overall health and functioning seem to be declining.   I feel she would be safer with more assistance and supervision.”

           “I do not know what to do about my aging father.  Since my mother passed, I worry about him being alone.  He can no longer keep up the house.  His medication regimen is quite complicated.  And his gait has changed, I worry he may fall as a result and I will not be there to help him.  I feel he would be more comfortable with some additional help and prompting.”

And so, the search for support is triggered. 

Nowadays, most families start with the Internet using search engines to generate potential leads.  Typically, they are overwhelmed and find themselves inundated with choices, providers, articles and organizations.  And their hearts sink as they discover they have no easy, reliable way of distinguishing the increasingly common entrepreneur from the knowledgeable provider committed to seniors themselves. 

MEET OUR INTERNS: Matthew M. & Micah Wroten

While earning our degrees (2007), Chris and I (Chrisy) met in a long-term care policy class. Both of us were conducting research on the assisted living care option for our thesis project.  Ongoing, we shared our concerns about how little information was available on this long-term care option and individual facilities.  But, it was not until we began reviewing the state's public files that we truly understood the scope of the problem and became motivated to do something.

With this inspiration in mind, CARR developed an internship program.  For the last 3 years,  CARR has provided a unique internship experience that allows students to learn about assisted living through the lens of the public document.  Having worked and volunteered in facilities myself, this is truly a perspective that imparts more than a familiarity with resident needs and standard operations (though interns learn that too). Our interns come from various academic backgrounds (i.e. gerontology, social work, public health, criminal justice) but all are interested in making a difference in the world of senior care, and all leave more motivated than when they first came.

Transparency Is The Best Policy

Wonderful news!! California’s Department of Social Services (DSS), Community Care Licensing Division (CCL) now offers a new, enhanced residential care facility search (click here to view). Prior to this, consumers were only able to access a facility’s name, license number, licensed capacity and address information. Now, in addition, consumers have access to aggregate compliance information on individual facilities. For each RCFE in California consumers can now view the following:  

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