San Diego County to Launch Rating System for Assisted Living

CARR completed San Diego County's 6 month pilot program to develop and test a rating system for local assisted living facilities in October 2015. CARR is now under contract for Phase II to implement this premier rating system. The program will now be referred to as the Choose Well Program. Facility recruitment begins at the end of May 2016 with the anticipated website launch date set as early September 2016. To learn more, email or call 619/795-2165.

CARR's Board Member, Dr. Anguera, Appointed by Governor Brown to CA Commission on Aging

CARR would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our Board of Director's member, Dr. Joaquin Anguera, for his recent appointment by Governor Brown to the California Commission on Aging.  CARR has had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Anguera for the past 7 years and knows firsthand how beneficial Dr. Anguera's experience and perspective will be to California's senior community.

The Story Behind CARR's SAVE OUR GRANNIES Campaign

CARR's First Crowdfunding Effort: 

CARR wishes (with eyes shut tight) to afford one Exhibitor Table at an upcoming local aging conference. From this coveted spot, CARR's 2 advocates will wear mildly comfortable heels but friendly smiles to canvas the trade show floor for 17 hours & present to senior advocates our meaningful work & innovative approach to advocacy.

Due to a shoestring budget, CARR is restricted to local events & it is unprecedented good fortune that such a significant one IS LOCAL this year! This is a networking opportunity we really have a chance at. Could you please help us get there? Could you please help us spread the word about caring for our grannies & grandpas? Below are 3 bullet points to help you wrap your mind around a donation to this campaign:

CARR Has An App For That - "Assisted Living 101"

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteer, Padma, CARR can now offer consumers the “Assisted Living 101” App available for download on any Android device.

Seniors, families and professionals will find answers to the most fundamental questions about California’s assisted living industry. One more way CARR is empowering consumers using innovation and education.

Watch tutorial &/or download here.

(And for iPhone users, please know we are currently working on being able to assist you as well. We invite you to follow us for updates.) 

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