San Diego County Awards Contract to CARR for Development of Assisted Living Rating System

"CARR is honored to be the County of San Diego's vendor entrusted with developing a fair rating system deserving the confidence of the public and providers." --Chris Murphy, CARR's Executive Director

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 5, 2015 -- The County of San Diego, Aging & Independence Services awarded Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) a fixed price contract for a pilot project to create a rating system for the County's assisted living facilities, and to develop a consumer-friendly website to display the ratings and facility information.  The pilot program is a six-month effort with a current contract value of $50,000.

CARR's Work Recognized By Alma Mater, San Diego State University

CARR is pleased to be featured in SDSU's NewsCenter this week, "Heroines for the Elderly".  To view the article, click here.  It is our hope that this mention inspires more committed interns and members of the community to join our cause.

CARR Contributes To Discussion On Perceptions of Aging

"Why is there a drastic difference in people's perceptions of aging versus reality?"  This was the question recently put to 44 experts in the field of aging by  They compiled these responses to produce the report, American's Misconception On Aging. CARR was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the contributors, alongside Dr. Bill Thomas, the SCAN Foundation and the American Health Care Association.  Below are some of the key findings and an excerpt from our contribution.  The entire report may be viewed here.

Key Findings from the report included:

UPDATE: AB 1122 (Brown) Excluded Persons & Administrative Action List (EPAAL)

You can already determine whether your doctor, veterinarian, attorney or hairdresser have breached the public trust and violated licensing regulations, via publicly available lists on state agency websites.  CARR would like to see the same transparency provided for consumers of long-term care services.  EPAAL will do just that.  But, CARR cannot be the only voice.  We need your help and support to get AB 1122 passed . . . but just not this legislative session.  AB 1122 has officially morphed into a '2-year bill.'  And here's why:

Our bill, carried by Cheryl Brown (D - San Bernardino), chair of the Long-Term-Care and Aging Assembly committee shelved AB 1122 until February 2016.  It was her view that there were issues and language in AB 1122 that must be negotiated with other stakeholders, and that those issues could not be resolved timely to support both Human Services and Long Term Care and Aging Assembly committee hearings during the current legislative session.  Therefore, CARR has another ten months to continue hammering out necessary accommodations.  

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